Thursday, February 02, 2012

Tough Love Time for Evelyn

My car remote has an alarm button. When I first got the car curiosity got the best of me and I pressed it and was jolted by its high pitched siren scream.

Evelyn (the name I’ve christened my car) surely has a strong powerful voice!

I love Evelyn but lately she’s been misbehaving.

When I get home from work I park her in my designated parking space in the garage beneath my building. She’s been sleeping in that spot since I bought her.

Lately, no sooner do I leave and get into my apartment she blares her alarm. The first time it happened I didn’t believe it was Evelyn. Then it happened a few minutes later. I ran into the hallway and clicked my remote to quiet her. A few minutes later it happened yet again.

Only in my garage does Evelyn do this. Wherever else we are she behaves beautifully.

The other night I was startled out of my sleep at 3:30 AM with Evelyn screaming. I’m sure the neighbors above the garage did not appreciate her outburst.

Why the misbehaving?

Maybe I haven’t been giving her the attention she yearns for, but I’ve working long hours, and she knows that. I thought she understood.

Maybe it’s because during my working hours she’s been stuck in a chain linked parking lot with other cars she thinks are inferior to her.

She loves going to the car wash and being soaped up and then sprayed and wiped. Afterwards she glistens in afterglow and purrs lovingly as we drive down the street.

Yesterday I took her for a wash, and then last night she did it again. This bad behavior’s got to stop!

We were planning a trip to Santa Barbara Sunday to visit wineries but it’s best I cancel. She’s not going anywhere, and I’m no longer going to blast her favorite Air Supply song - “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” - as we soar down the freeway.

It’s tough love time, Evelyn, tough love.

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