Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Butter and Sugar and Diabetes Too

What lurks behind the southern drawl of the butter loving, whipped cream licking, pecan pie baking, fried food fanatic Paula Deen?

Sexual Harassment.

Are we really surprised? I wasn’t... well, the sexual harassment at the restaurant Deen owns with her brother Bubba was a bit of a shock. It turns out Bubba’s a whoring porn loving pig. He should be spit roasted.

The first time I ever watched Deen’s show I was overcome with potential diabetes just by seeing all the sugar and butter she was pouring into her overblown recipes. My sweet tooth rotted and my arteries clogged just by watching her for 30 minutes.

Sure the food looked great and delicious (that kind of food always does), but one small serving would be enough to put anyone into a serious health risk.

If I ate what she cooked I’d be constipated for weeks. Weeks!

Money and fame seems to be all that Deen’s about because she’s been concealing her own diabetes from her beloved fans for years. Let them eat cake and let them get diabetes just as long as Paula Deen keeps her checkbook fat with cash. She’s made millions peddling unhealthy food, and she knew all along what she was doing.

And that white toothed smile? I never bought it. I can only imagine before the camera’s turned on she’s a nasty bitch on a severe sugar low but once the director’s ready to yell “Action” she snorts sugar and becomes all charm. Oh yes, I can see it in her eyes.

Shame, shame, shame on you Paula Deen.

I’d love to continually force feed her deep fried sticks of butter covered in peanut butter with cinnamon sugar coated chocolate sprinkles and dipped in whipped cream.

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