Thursday, March 22, 2012

Genuine Tutu Love

Last Friday I thought it’d be fun to go to work dressed as a priest. I had this black shirt on and in the confines of my bedroom I added a white piece of cardboard across the neck and transformed myself from hip-geek to hip-priest. I looked divine, priestly, even virgin-like in the “priests don’t have sex” sort of way (wink, wink).

I was all set and ready to head to work when good ‘ole Catholic guilt reared its ugly head and taunted me until I broke down and changed. (To be a little devilish I didn’t wear any underwear.)

Sometimes you just need to shake things up and do something daring.

Well... today I read about a man who dresses in a pink tutu and takes his picture in all sorts of wonderful places.
Of course my interest was piqued and I knew I had to check it out. Pink. Tutu. Photos. How wonderfully daring is that?
He’s a photographer named Bob Carey who initially did it to help raise funds for the Arizona Ballet. When his wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer he continued the pink tutu photos but is now using them to help fight the fight against breast cancer. He’s selling prints and t-shirts with his totally pink tutu-ness. He’s also created a coffee table book aptly titled “Ballerina” to continue raising funds.

Wow... that’s brilliant. That’s pink. That’s genuine tutu love.

Be sure to check out the website:

Compared to his tutu idea my priestly idea sucked. I need to really vamp up my creativity.

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