Thursday, June 21, 2012

America’s Sweethearts: John and Rielle

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter... don't they look perfect together? 

John’s got an overblown ego and no conscience.

Rielle looks like she’s been tapped by every sailor in port.

John cheated on his devoted dying wife with Rielle; his mistress; his tramp.

Rielle knew he was married and knew his wife was dying of cancer yet she lifted her skirt and gave him full access to her veejay.

John didn’t use a condom because he was John Edwards.

Rielle didn’t use contraception because John Edwards was in her.

John’s dying wife had to go through public humiliation while she battled cancer to stay alive.

Rielle didn’t care. She was too busy having John Edwards injected orgasms and enjoying campaign money and perks.

John’s wife died and had to leave her treasured children with a lying, cheating, pig of a non-man.

Rielle wrote a classy book and in it she called John’s dead wife a “witch on wheels.”

John and Rielle are still together.

Love songs will someday be written about John and Rielle.... America’s Sweethearts.

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