Thursday, June 07, 2012

She Bit the Bicep

I really think I should stop reading the crazy news stories that seem to appear on my computer screen whenever I log on to the Internet.  They peer out at me taunting me haunting me and daring me to click on the story to submerse myself into the craziness of people.

I usually laugh out loud, but then I’m overcome with sadness knowing that the story really happened and that people really do behave badly. But then in a second thought they make me realize my life isn’t as bad as I sometimes think it is. 

At least I’m not biting someone in the bicep...

This latest crazy story happened in New Haven when a woman named Lowpel Davis was caught shoplifting a wig and other beauty items from the Sassy Beauty Supply shop.  Her criminal act was caught on surveillance camera. She fled the scene and the store owner pursued her.

The confrontation didn’t end with her apologizing and handing over the wig and beauty supplies. It took a dark turn into Mike Tyson territory. 

Davis got physical and attacked the store owner and bit him in the bicep. Like a feral cat  her teeth tore a chunk of flesh from his bicep. Did she swallow it? No. Did she spit it out to the ground? No.  She spit his bloody flesh in his face.

Needless to say police were called and when they arrived Davis turned her anger on them cursing and kicking. She was eventually handcuffed and throw in a police car where she tried kicking out the window.

She did this because she wanted a wig.  Not food.  A wig and beauty supplies.

If she stole from a grocery store I could somehow understand her desperation for food.  Hunger drives people to do whatever it takes to be fed, but then I saw her mug shot.

Poor thing... with that mop of unkempt hair and pasty complexion and surly expression... well... she definitely needs beauty enhancements, but it doesn’t condone stealing and biting a bicep and tearing out a chunk of flesh.

If she asked maybe the store had a layaway plan or... maybe she could’ve asked to work for free and receive the wig and beauty supplies in lieu of payment or... maybe she could have just combed her own hair, washed her face, and changed her criminal attitude.

Her prison bunkmate better not piss her off.

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