Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sidewalk Picasso

I’m always dismayed when I hear stories of creativity be squashed by stupidity.

It seems a Denver neighborhood association called Innovations and Courtyard Traditions has temporarily banned children, specifically a three year old girl, from making chalk drawings on the sidewalk. They issued a statement saying the little girl’s drawings of flowers and hearts are distracting and offensive blights on their community.  

What the hell is the flower-hating and heart-hating Innovations and Courtyard Traditions smoking? What kind of boring uncreative people live there? 

I bet you they don’t allow people to walk on the grass in their community.

I bet you they want everyone’s house to look exactly the same so no one house stands out amongst the rest.

I bet you the neighbors secretly get together and have key parties.

It’s chalk, people, and when it rains it’ll wash away! 

If chalk flowers and chalk hearts on a sidewalk are offensive then I think we as a society have taken a wrong turn on the avenue of neighborly love, art, beauty, and kindness.

Get over yourselves people and be grateful you’ve got a sidewalk Picasso in your neighborhood.  It could be much worse. You could have me living there...

And if I were living in that neighborhood I would take my colorful chalk and draw a big bold beautiful gesture aimed right at the naysayers. 

Then I’d promptly sell my house and get away from that unhealthy, creativity stomping, sterile, boring community and move to place where chalk is acceptable, where children draw chalk flowers and chalk hearts up and down the street, and where chalk is loved for all its chalkiness. 

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