Sunday, July 15, 2012

Torry Hansen is The Worst Mother

Everybody meet Torry Hansen. 

If you don’t remember her let me refresh your memory...

Torry Hansen did something wonderful when she adopted a little boy from Russia. Oh yes, she was saving a little Russian boy from a life of Russian misery and giving him a home in America, more specifically her home.  She had every intention of fulfilling her responsibilities as a parent, a mother, a protector of her newly adopted child.

But Torry got restless and lost interest.  Her adopted son wasn’t the child she thought she was getting when she signed the adoption papers. 

So what do you do when you adopt and the child doesn’t live to your expectations? Well you do what Torry Hansen did.

She bought the seven year old boy a one way ticket to Russia and put him on the plane by himself. Now before you get angry you must know she did give him a letter to give to people in Russia saying she didn’t want to be his mother anymore because she thought he had violent behavior problems. How adult! How responsible!

Oh dear... this sub-human woman should be thrown in prison for the rest of her selfish life. I am disgusted by her behavior.  It’s called neglect and abuse. Because times got tough she took the coward’s route and discarded the little boy like a piece of furniture that doesn’t match the carpet or draperies.

The courts recently ruled she must pay $150,000 in child support.  Sadly no criminal charges were filed.

And the kicker to all of this is that she recently gave birth to a baby girl. I pity that poor little girl having the DNA of a mother like Torry Hansen. I foresee lots of therapy as that poor child becomes an adult.

What’s gonna happen if the little girl has a temper tantrum? Will mother of the year Torry Hansen take the little girl out to the woods and leave her there to fend for herself? Do it once and it’s easier to do again. She could then get pregnant again and again until she gets the child she wants. She’s young, her ovaries are working, so what’s to stop her from doing that?

Vile. Disgusting. Torry Hansen is truly the worst mother.

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Ziara Arden said...

I was the best mother Ziara Bierig I filed for a divorce with this Judge Lee Russell right after Torrey Hansen case my adoption was based on I owned a business with my husband whom I chose to divorce he was moving assets and hiding money so I filed for a divorce the judge refused me any income and refused to help me get on my feet financially for 3 years I was in court emotionally torn having waited until I was 40 to adopt , I was an egg donor for over 15 couples in San Francisco and now my dream is that I have her every other weekend I am 46 without a job without any means to go foward and I need legal help I cant appeal because I signed I settlment after I was in a womens treatment center for PTSD where is the court system of justice the judge denied me a trial said I didnt have time I dont understand the PTSD and trauma killed me inside I sought help i wanted a legal team I ended up ready to face jail for contempt of court for signing things I did not understand at the time PTSD is real when you face such trauma to loose my daughrer to every other weekend is too painful, I watied my adult life for her to attorneys who didnt give a shit to represent me without funds--- JUDGE LEE RUSSELL was wrong I am a great mom I had no financial aide to fight the other side