Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Few Similarities

A few years ago while I was working in Baton Rouge I kept noticing one of the crew always laughing when he looked at me. At first I thought it was because I had a booger hanging from my nose. No booger.

After the second day of laughter I asked for the reason.

“Sheldon. You are just like Sheldon.  The Big Bang Theory.”

I had not a clue who Sheldon was or what “The Big Bang Theory” could possibly be besides the theory that the universe started from a single point and has been expanding ever since. In a moment of egotistical clarity I imagined Sheldon to be a smart, savvy, city man; the envy of all his peers; an international man with a great sense of humor. Just like me.

Then I learned The Big Bang Theory is a TV show and then I saw it...

I was initially shocked and horrified and insulted that someone could think that I was anything like Sheldon Cooper.  It was a cringe-worthy feeling that ran through my body with the intensity of e-coli tainted pork.

Over the next few months I received more and more comments from people telling me Sheldon is just like me.  And over the next few months I watched him closely and began to see there might be a few similarities between us:

He’s smart. I’m extremely smart.
He’s got great comic timing. I’ve got superb comic timing.
He’s skinny. I’m thin and toned.
He’s witty. I’m extremely witty.
He’s got a funny laugh. I’ve got a funnier laugh.
He’s a Doctor of Science. I’m a Doctor of Life.

And here’s the kicker...

He’s got a cute kitty song. I’ve got a great cat song. 

His kitty song is about a soft, warm, happy, sleepy kitty. My cat song is about a strong, virile cat named Senor Don Gato who’s resurrected by the smell of fish.

I’ve watch Sheldon and when he makes me laugh - really laugh out loud -  I can see what everyone else sees: That damn Sheldon Cooper has stolen my act.

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