Monday, January 28, 2013

California Car Chase

Live-on-Television car chases in Los Angeles can be riveting nail biting spectacles to watch. 

Remember OJ Simpson and his failed attempt to escape the country in the white SUV?  

A couple of weeks ago I was watching the evening news and suddenly the newscaster cut to “Breaking News.” A car chase was happening that very moment. My eyes were glued to the television. Simultaneously my neighborhood lit up with helicopters and flood lights. It was happening in my very own neighborhood. I raced to the window and peered out like a child anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus. Unfortunately the chase did not speed by my window. 

When I go to the gym I like to get on the elliptical machine for my cardio just as “The Wendy Williams Show” starts.  If you don’t know Wendy Williams just know that she’s great television and the perfect diversion when your legs are going full throttle. Her opening monologue and Hot Topics keep me totally entertained and my cardio time passes quickly. 

On Friday I was immersed in Wendy when I noticed the other mini-TVs around me were tuned in to a car chase. My heart pumped with adrenaline... Wendy Williams versus a California Car Chase... What should I do?... I could always catch Wendy in reruns but the car chase was real time never to be shown again...  so in a split second decision I betrayed my Wendy loyalty and switched channels. 

The chase went on and on and not wanting to miss the ending, the capture, I stayed on that elliptical machine way past my usual end time. The excitement was pumping as I anticipated a grand finale of car and cop confrontation like something out of the movies. A big bang boom crash bullet kind of ending. 

This one disappointed. After a few near captures the driver surrendered. 

Damn, it was all foreplay and no climax, a California Car Chase without a grand finale.  

Sure I get comfort in knowing that I’m 165 calories lighter because of it, but on a scale of one to ten the chase was a mediocre three at best. 

I should’ve stayed with Wendy. 

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