Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jump Up! with Hungry Jack

The other day I was clicking around the website.  I was looking for porn but got something totally different, and in the Vidz section came across something that musically inspires, is musically fun, and has an infectious dance.

It’s called “Jump Up!” by Hungry Jack. 

Now I fancy myself a dancer with great musical taste. As a matter of fact I have a dance of my own called the “Seduction Dance” that’s been applauded by those fortunate enough to see me do it.  It’s a simple dance that casts a spell over those who watch it igniting pheromones and lots of horny behavior.  If I were to release it unto the world there would be a chorus of screaming orgasms nightly as a result. It’s that powerful. 

Some day... some night... when you least expect it my “Seduction Dance” will invade your lives and the world will never be the same. Until then I recommend “Jump Up!”

When I first saw the 2:04 video I couldn’t sit still. I had to jump up and do the dance over and over and over again. 

The dance moves are really quite simple:

Jump up (4 times)
Get down (4 times)
Spin around (4 times) ** Beware this can be dizzying if you’re not a trained spinner.
Then Stop!
And do it all again...

The next time you see me strutting my Mick Jagger swagger down Main Street come join me and let’s start a flash mob of jump up, get down, and spin around.  

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