Monday, January 23, 2017

It’s Only $1.13 Said the Spectrum Customer Service Rep

Every month my cable bill is charged directly to my credit card.

This past month I upgraded my Spectrum service to add Internet and telephone so when the bill was available I logged on to my account to check it out. One of the line items was an unpaid balance from the previous month for $1.13.

How could this be? It’s an automatic billing from the company so there shouldn’t be any overdue balance. I convinced myself there had to be a logical explanation, and Spectrum customer service would surely know the answer to my simple question with a simple answer.

A few moments later I was speaking person to person with a young man who said he could help me. I told him about my automatic payment and asked about the overdue balance. He pulled up my account and confirmed there was an overdue balance saying it was probably a computer glitch but admitted he didn’t know for sure.

I asked for further explanation.  I wanted to know “for sure.”

He got testy with me and said “It’s only $1.13.” And I said yes, it is, but I want to know why I have an overdue balance when I get automatic billing to my credit card.

He then repeated “It’s only $1.13” but this time in a condescending tone. WTF?

That’s when he said, with emphasis, “Mike, it’s only a $1.13.”

Stop! Stop! Stop!

I hate being called Mike. My name is Michael and on my account it says Michael. Who gave him permission to truncate my name? Not me.

He was beginning to really piss me off.  

Before I could say anything else he said, “What do you want me to do, give you $2 off your next month’s bill?” He attitude was as thick as molasses and I wanted to choke him with a cable wire, but I didn’t only because I didn’t know where he was… in the USA, India, Outer Space?

I opted for the $2 discount on next month’s bill.

You can be damn sure next month I will be checking to make sure I got the $2 refund.

Oh Spectrum… I’m enjoying the Internet/Cable/Telephone package (so far), but your customer service needs an attitude adjustment.

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