Sunday, March 19, 2017

An Email Offer from Maria Sarah

Email is a great tool to make our lives easier and more connected. It allows wonderful communication with friends and colleagues. It also allows total strangers to find us and entice us with job offers.

All we need to do to partake in their offer is reply with all our pertinent information. And once the pertinent information is received, they set up a special assignment for us that will have us earning $375 US per assignment.

Nearly every day I receive an email from Maria Sarah about an assignment she has for me with a very big research project in the USA. She wants me to send her my name (first and last name), address, country, state, city, zip, (in that order!), phone numbers (cell and home), age, and current job.

The email address to send this information is:

Now that’s an interesting email address… where she works must be way ahead in technology to have such a fancy and futuristic email address. Does it live in the cloud or does it live about the cloud in a super cloud for super offers?

So, who is Maria Sarah and how did she choose me to earn $375 US on a research project? And why did she send me her email at 2:39 AM? Where can she possibly be? 2:39 AM sounds like an odd time to be sending business emails, so I am assuming she lives in a dark and scary place far, far away… where her true-identity cannot be traced by the authorities.

What kind of idiot does Maria Sarah think I am, or anyone else she sends daily emails? Her emails reek of “scam” and yet, she continues sending them. Of course, we all know Maria Sarah’s offer is as bogus as her name, right?

I shudder to think there are people out there who look at her horribly written grammatically incorrect emails and think it’s a legitimate offer to earn real cash, and willingly send her their pertinent information.

She ends the email with “We are waiting for your good response.”

I have no intention of sending Maria Sarah a good response, or any response at all, but if I were to send a response it would be a bad, bad, bad response telling her what she could do with her offer.

Instead, I send her emails where they belong.

The trash.  

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