Monday, March 27, 2017

My New Toilet

The other day my landlord told me he would be replacing my leaky toilet with a new one. I was thrilled to be getting a new porcelain bowl but saddened to say goodbye to the toilet that has served me well over the past decade.

To honor my old toilet, I cleaned it thoroughly with environmentally safe cleaner and gave it one last thorough flush. I watched the water twirl and swirl and descend into the pipe. Goodbye toilet I whispered softly.

It was emotional…

Was that a tear or did some of the toilet bowl cleaner splash in my eye? I dabbed my eyes with toilet paper. It seemed more appropriate than a tissue.

And then I left for the day knowing that upon my return there would be a new toilet waiting to meet me.

All day I anticipated my return home… and then the time came for me to go home.

Without taking my jacket off, I bee-lined into the bathroom to see my new toilet in its shiny new glory. And shiny and white it is!

I must confess I was nervous meeting my new toilet. 

I stepped back to admire it, looking from above and from side to side and from every angle on my knees. It was impressive.

I whispered, “Hello new toilet. I look forward to good times with you.”

The new toilet is taller than the old toilet. It has a more oval-shaped seat whereas the old toilet had a more rounded seat.

I touched my new toilet feeling the contour of its back and the artistic shape of the bowl. My hands slipped easily over the porcelain.  And the seat, well, that’s something to behold. It’s white and has just enough texture to perfectly hug and hold any hiny.

I giggled gleefully as I flushed it for the first time. It has just enough power to empty the bowl without making a splash. I dare say it has a perfect flush.


I love my new toilet.

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