Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Anti-Shopping Cart Pusher

Sometimes you notice bad behavior and feel the need to let others know what you’ve seen.  It helps to deflate that nightmare-inducing moment of awe that haunts you and makes you think, “WTF?” 

This is what I witnessed today…

I was minding my own business roaming the aisles of my favorite grocery store.  With coupons in hand and empty canvas bags in my shopping cart, I was on a grocery shopping coupon saving mission. I was filling my cart with salsa and yogurt and coffee when I heard someone yelling. It was a somewhat high-pitched tone that made my ears perk up like a dog.

I hurried to the next aisle over, the epicenter of the yelling, and in the process I almost dropped my coupons, but luckily I caught them in time. That’s what I get for careless shopping cart speeding! 

There in the other aisle I saw a middle aged woman yelling to someone whose back was facing me. 

How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t push shopping carts. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it! Do it yourself!

She then grabbed a box of Oreos off the shelf, threw them in the cart, and stormed away like a child, abandoning the shopping cart and the person whose back was facing me. 

I slowly maneuvered my shopping cart down the aisle to get a glimpse of this person. It was a man who looked to be in his late 80s.  He was holding steady with a cane.  When he saw me he smiled and feebly juggled the cane and the shopping cart making room for me to pass. 


An old man with a cane who could barely walk was being forced to push his shopping cart. 

Moments later the woman came back down the aisle and threw more items into the cart. As she walked away she snapped, C’mon Dad. I haven’t got all day!

She called him Dad. 


I saw the Anti-Shopping Cart Pusher and her Dad again at the cashier next to me.  She stood there doing nothing while he emptied the shopping cart for the cashier. 

He paid.  

She walked away leaving him to push the cart and groceries out of the store. 

Wow, again. 

That daughter needs a good spanking.

She also needs to be sent to bed early tonight without any after dinner dessert.